What is the Gospel?


Our Mission

We at the Tottenville Evangelical Free Church believe that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God; therefore, we are committed to the systematic exposition of God's Word for the equipping and building up of His saints. Through the means of Biblical preaching we believe that God will glorify His name and the exalt the Gospel of His grace; we believe that He will build up His church and cause His saints to bear much fruit (primarily - love); we believe that He will cause us to be missions' minded (both domestically and internationally); and we are committed to working together to fulfilling those purposes.

Furthermore, in all things we desire to be Christ-centered. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life; there is salvation nowhere else. As we seek to make known the Gospel of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, because of Christ alone, we desire to live Christ-centered lives that reflect the greatness of the One for whom we live. By God's grace we hope to walk in truth and love - personally and corporately.

Our mission is to make known the Gospel and the truth that is inseparable to it, together, as a local church; and, to live the Gospel, in truth and love, together, as a local church.

Tottenville EFC – Today:

At this time the church is led by Pastor George Ippolito and Assistant Pastor Joe Monagas. Currently, we have our Sunday Morning Worship service at 11:00AM. Our Wednesday night prayer meeting is at 6:00 pm in the church sanctuary.

Our outreach ministries include programs on Staten Island Cable Television (CTV), our sunday morning services are recorded and can be viewed on Time Warner Cable (56) or FiOs (36) on Mondays at 8:00pm. We also have our sermons broadcasted 24/7 on our YouTube page (click here). Other outreach ministries include LifeInChristMinistries.com which is an online teaching ministry featuring daily teachings, sermons and other resources.

Tottenville EFC Church History:

Tottenville Evangelical Free Church began in 1915 when thirteen Christian brethren (five men and eight women), all Norwegian, came together for their mutual concern of the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.  A little over a year later this small group met at the Red Front Hall on Main Street and Eureka Place in Tottenville on December 28, 1916 for the purpose of incorporating “The Norwegian Evangelical Free Church” (of Tottenville) and to elect trustees.  In 1917 The Congregational Church Extension Society of Brooklyn loaned the group a portable chapel to be erected on the recently purchased land at 266 Wood Avenue.  In 1923 The Norwegian Evangelical Free Church (of Tottenville) acquired a loan to start a building fund for a permanent building.  At first, all services were in Norwegian and by the end of 1939 services were held in English. 

 In March of 1958 the congregation voted to withdraw from The Congregational Church Association, which was received on good terms with well wishes from the Association, and voted to join with The Evangelical Free Church of America.

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